Web development – The industry of the future

If someone, ten years ago, even suggested that web development would become a major industry that experiences hundreds of millions of dollars in investments, people would laugh at them, and they would be labeled as crazy. As with many other predictions, they came to prove those pessimists wrong.

The web development is an industry that expands at an incredible rate and new trends rise every month, and they bring new advances to the world of online computing. We live in an age of technological expansion, and new tech means new advances in the world of web development.

Many people wonder where is the web development headed and what can we expect in the following years. We can only guess what the web will look like in ten years from now, but we can give you guidelines on what to expect in next year and two. So, this will be our focus, discussions about ongoing trends that will explode shortly.

Trends that will change the direction of web development

The market is gaining new techs on a monthly basis and that signals the change of the web design. Many new responsive platforms are embracing those techs which mean that you will be able to connect different platforms without much fuss. Mobile-only or PC- only platforms will have to adapt to new technologies if they have any desire to survive on the market.


Mobile platforms are experiencing massive changes, and the latest one comes in the form of full-screen navigation design. This feature improves the experience people get from mobile devices. The technology advances made it possible to implement this feature to devices that have small screens. Once a user taps on a form that requires info it enlarges to the full display, and it becomes easier to navigate.

Live-streaming is another change that is already being implemented in numerous applications. The need to go real-time was always high, but the tech limitations prevented it from reaching devices other than the personal computer. The age of real-time is just about to start, and once it does it will change the way we use the web.

Other trends that will influence the web development

We already saw the introduction of ads that can’t be blocked with ad blocking plugins. Ad blockers are destroying a whole branch of the online technology and the time for change is coming. New techs bring means to prevent blocking advertisements and the amount of programs that will successfully bock ads will move toward zero over the next couple of years.

webdevelopmentbannerMobile platforms are becoming more and more prominent in the world of banking and money transfer. The lack of security of mobile devices was the problem many failed to solve due to the limitations of the technology. That is the thing of the past, as new tech advances are clearing the path for high-level security on mobile devices. The standard of security is still not at the computer level of safety, but in next year or two; we will see change, that will bring those two on the same level.

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